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Inspector Garud Full Movie Free Download yoshyard




Plot The movie starts with a shot of people dancing in some space. It moves in a drawing room where both fathers speak to each other. Samy (Dileep) is the eldest son and both father, Deepak (Kalabhavan Mani) and Bhupathy (Brahmanandam), respect him. Deepak tells him to choose his wife and he has to decide it before marriage. Bhupathy does not support his brother's choice and tries to tell him that he is "arrogant". However, after hearing his brother speak respectfully to his wife, Deepak changes his mind. Samy takes a driver's licence and rushes to marriage place. His father does not agree with his choice and gives him a final warning. Samy says that his father has lost the memory. They both agree to forget the past. Then we see Samy's younger sister Madhu (Kavya Madhavan) joining a swimming class. She cries as she misses her brother. Deepak tells Bhupathy to bring his son to a shelter home where he was previously employed as a security guard. But, Bhupathy thinks that his son is an arrogant person and did not agree to bring him. Samy arrives at the shelter home and says that he cannot get married to that girl. He meets a boy named Ramu (Suman), who is a professional bullfighter and a part of Samy's and Madhu's life. Ramu and Madhu fall in love with each other. Bhupathy tells Madhu to leave the place and he will not look after her. Samy and Madhu get married. He has to be alone for some days due to the horror he went through as a child. Ramu helps him, but later he tells him that he has to leave the place and take Madhu with him to his homeland to continue his career. Ramu promises to return to Madhu. Madhu leaves. Samy becomes lonely and cries. Then we see him asking Deepak whether he has forgotten about his old duty. Deepak calls him and says that he has forgotten. Samy goes to his sister's place to show her a place and tries to sleep on a sofa. Madhu comes there and makes fun of him. He tries to beat her and she escapes. He follows her and meets Madhu's mother. He tries to tell her the truth about his childhood. Then we see him in a flashback. He was a very obedient child to



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Inspector Garud Full Movie Free Download yoshyard

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